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Red Hook Records is a record label launched in 2020 by former ECM producer Sun Chung. The label is a place for encounters, where musicians have opportunities to interact with creative minds, share insights, explore and carve new adventurous ways of creative wayfaring. Red Hook aims to dissolve musical boundaries through the interweaving of musical genres and the exploration of intercultural collaborations.

"Red Hook is a label “dedicated to exploration, discovery and pushing boundaries, to creating something that would not be possible in any other circumstances”. That philosophy has been particularly to the fore in the fertile ground between jazz and electronic music."
Philip Watson - The Wire

"An innovative record label bent on dissolving musical boundaries..."
Larry Blumenfeld - Tidal

This is an image of the founder of Red Hook Records


SUN CHUNG                 Founder & Producer
TAE CIMAROSTI              Photography


OLIVER KINSKI                Administration


Red Hook Ltd.

5 Marino Terrace

Bantry, Co. Cork

P75 P297 

reg. in Ireland 670905

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