"All in all, this is the most affecting affecting solo piano album I’ve heard since Keith Jarrett’s much-loved The Melody at Night, with You more than 20 years ago."

The Blue Moment - Richard Williams

"…the space between notes suggests a celestial jukebox running down, easing into the entropy of the University."

JazzTimes Editor’s Pick - Andrew Hamlin

"…un discours toujours tenu et composé, mettant magistralement en scène la dynamique du vide pour  mieux offrir au silence toute son éloquence."

Jazz Magazine CHOC - Stéphane Olivier 

"It is humbling to listen and feel the music's presence towards satori surrounded by a vast, enveloping feeling of serenity. Let it be." 

Marlbank - Stephan Graham ***** 

"Diciamo subito che la musica sfiora il capolavoro, ed è commovente che tanta inventiva coniugata con tanta lucidità rappresenti il lascito ultimo di un artista certo sempre stimolante e geniale, ma non sempre altrettanto coerente e misurato…"

All About Jazz - Neri Pollastri ***** 


Red Hook Records is a label launched in 2020 by former ECM producer Sun Chung. The label was conceived as a place for encounters, where musicians have opportunities to interact with creative minds, share insights, explore and carve new adventurous ways of creative wayfaring. Red Hook aims to dissolve musical boundaries through the interweaving of musical genres and the exploration of intercultural collaborations. 


SUN CHUNG                 Founder & Producer
TAE CIMAROSTI              Photography

OLIVER KINSKI                Business Administration


Red Hook Ltd.

5 Marino Terrace

Bantry, Co. Cork

P75 P297 

reg. in Ireland 670905